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Deluxe Moon Pro for Mac

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.6

A Comprehensive Moon Information Application

Deluxe Moon Pro is a software package, developed by Lifeware Solutions, which provides accurate, in-depth information about the moon. As a result, it is valuable to people with an interest in astronomy, as well as those who might rely on such information to inform their work or hobbies, with gardeners being a prominent example.

Moon and Sun Parameters

The application provides up-to-date information about moon phases, the current moon age, moon rise times, the distance of the moon from the earth and lunar eclipse times, with some of this information being tailored based on the user's current location. Moreover, it also provides sunrise and sunset times, Solstice and Equinox tables and various additional sun parameters, all presented in an easy-to-work interface.

Settings and Extras

One of Deluxe Moon Pro's best features is the ability to manually set location and time, and see information about the moon and sun based on these choices. This enables things like forecasting and future planning, especially with regards to astronomy and gardening activities. Moreover, the software also offers information related to Zodiac signs and astrology readings, which is a nice extra.


  • Detailed lunar information
  • Tailored based on time and location
  • Information is beautifully presented
  • Plenty of options to adjust and explore


  • Slightly clunky user interface
  • Does not explain the advanced terminology
  • Small resolution is not ideal for large screens
  • Lacks a full moon alert function


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Deluxe Moon Pro


Deluxe Moon Pro 1.6 for Mac


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